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Tobacco could be sacred and medicinal rather than being linked to cancer

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by Dr. John Singh

  First Nations used the Tobacco in Peace Pipe to re-affirm our vital spiritual interconnectedness  

First Nations used the Tobacco in Peace Pipe to re-affirm our vital spiritual interconnectedness with each other, as human beings, and with Nature.

Tobacco used to be appreciated as both a medicine and as something of a great spiritual significance. You may have, for example, heard of the use of the Peace Pipe among First Nations. Now, through cigarettes, it has become synonymous with a nasty habit, and a cancer-causing agent. But, suppose an aboriginal elder told you that as human beings, we would not have many problems in the world going on right now, if the proper use tobacco was re-integrated in human civilization. You may immediately think that this was absolute nonsense. But, that aboriginal elder would not be referring to the re-engineered and adulterated tobacco that has been apparently mischievously marketed by the apparent operatives of the "archons". "Archon what?": You might respond. The experience of First Nations suggest that the use of tobacco has been demonized to serve the agenda of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, that Pagan Gnostics referred to as Archons.

Aboriginal elders and First Nations users of pure organic tobacco suggest that not only does tobacco have medicinal properties, but that its use heightens a spiritual consciousness. This heightened spiritual consciousness that Pagan Gnostics sought to also attain, elevates the human consciousness to a level that appears to "disintegrate" Gnostic-identified archon sought mind control.

According to Dr. John Lash's documented research on Pagan Gnostics, the "archons" are sentient inorganic entities that exist in the solar system that surrounds Earth, and that exist as psycho-spiritual parasites, and that seek to turn humanity against each other. By turning humanity against each other, apparently, these cited regressive aliens have sought to socially manipulate, control, enslave and exploit humanity:


That keeps humankind itself in prison within a matrix of manipulation. Literally everybody is affected. And only the ones searching truth, and among them the clearest will stand up to this truth. The agenda is "divide et impera"... divide and conquer. And what is it all about? It is about harvesting human energies, as all of those entities are not self-sustaining but need an external source of energy. Thus, planet earth serves as an energy harvesting farm, that is kept alive through creating ongoing crisis... our history of humankind. -- Daniela Keller, LINK

First Nations recognize Tobacco as having been harvested by spiritually advanced humans prior to contact with regressive aliens that invaded humanity's time-space continuum. Tobacco was used to re-affirm an awareness of the Spirit World that binds humans together with each other, and with Mother Earth. However, it would be very difficult to turn humans against each other through contrived violent conflicts, involving war, and mass deception, with the widespread use of organic tobacco.


Tobacco is the first medicine, as the sky woman had it clutched in her hand when she fell from the skyworld. She was the first human here, in our creation story. Tobacco collects thoughts and send them to creation. The reconstituted tobacco (Imperial tobacco, Rothmans, etc) has all of the listed chemicals added to it, similar to how they add fluoride (rat poison) to your water.

On the medicine wheel are four sacred medicines; tobacco, sweetgrass, sage, cedar.

Tobacco has the prominent role of answering to creation. It is the link to the spirit side, in medicine here on earth.

Tobacco collects the thoughts, that is it's job.

Unity, Strength, Peace.
-- Thahoketoteh of kanekota

Thahoketoteh elaborates:


I usually smoke Mohawk cigarettes [made from organic tobacco] but ran out the other day and went into my local store to buy a pack of “criminal government” smokes at extortion prices. The girl behind the counter asked me for ID? I said “you have to be kidding” she answered that it was the government who implemented new “laws” and she had to do this to everyone regardless of their age. On the sign it said “official government ID only.”

When you see the steel partitions hiding the cigarettes in all stores, in N.W.O. stronghold Ontario, it is about control and nothing else. They spin the health issues as the reason, but it is all about freedom and the public’s loss of it.

In all government sanctioned tobacco manufacturers, they add all the deadly toxins and chemicals that really do cause serious health issues. So they can pretend they are saving us from the “evil” tobacco. Tobacco is one of the 4 sacred medicines on the medicine wheel. Creation provides all living things their original instructions. Tobacco collects thoughts as it was instructed to do.

This is a test by the shadow government, to see if Ontarians do anything about it, that is all. In my entire life I have never seen anyone die from smoking cigarettes [made from organic tobacco], in fact I know many people who have smoked every day of their lives and are well into their senior years now with no desire to quit.

We have been dealing with the Nazification of Ontario since 1924 when Duncan Campbell Scott came up with the 100 year plan to get rid of the Indian problem forever. It was called “the Indian advancement act” and you can only get a copy at archives Canada. I suggest everyone sends their request to that agency as it is not even on the net, yet. Everyone has the 1st human right of freedom of thought. The word ‘Government’ comes from the Greek ‘gobernado’ (to control) and ‘mente’ (the mind). They are starting to show their true agenda now for all to see, total control of everyone’s thoughts. Unity, Strength, Peace, -- Thahoketoteh of kanekota

An aboriginal elder adds:


Tobacco in its original form had both honour and purpose. As well, Traditional Tobacco did not contain all the chemicals that are now put into tobacco. Its purpose is to communicate with the spiritual world, beyond the skies. What is sold today has been tampered with for business and profit, taking away from its original purpose. -- Ernie Benedict - Elder, Iroquois Nation LINK

  Ernie Benedict  

First Nations Elder Ernie Benedict.

Thus insights from learned members of First Nations communities like Thahoketoteh who embrace indigenous knowledge from elders suggest that the apparent anchonic demonization of tobacco is about perpetuating a context of societal mental slavery. First Nations suggest that the health problems associated with commercial cigarettes is a contrived crisis. It is analogous to adding a toxin to Vitamin C, and then to seek a ban on Vitamin C. It was John Lash who illuminates the archon technique of inspiring humans to pursue activities which replicate error beyond the scale of correction to disorient the victim as to the true intent of the archons. Dr. Lash identifies the archons are an entity created from violent reactions of matter in space, that is spawned from the negative energy of fractal replications. The result is an entity purely driven by ego. This calculating intelligence seeks mass deception in its pursuit of an ego-driven agenda of eugenic-capitalist self-aggrandizement against other life forms.

When Tobacco is burned the smoke rises, which provides the link to all the spirits beyond the sky. Tobacco was a gift that was given to Aboriginal people, and it had a spiritual place within our community. This carried with it a great honour.

Pipes are also tools that assisted with communicating with the spiritual world. Therefore, smoking Tobacco in pipes was held in a high regard, as symbols of communication with higher powers and great symbols of peace. The pipe was a communicator -- A strong symbol of peace when oral language and speech became barriers to communicating. Ernie Benedict - Elder, Iroquois Nation LINK

U.S. author Jack Hass in the following excerpt documents some kind of spiritual awakening which apparently inspired him to abandon toxified commercial cigarettes in favour of organic tobacco toward his seeking to re-affirm an awareness of human spiritual interconnectedness:


One such odd undertaking began years after I had given up smoking tobacco. I had fought against the tug of that poison for quite a long time, and had finally dismissed it for good.

  The arhonic toxification of Tobacco as sacred plants  

The arhonic toxification of Tobacco as sacred plants and as medicine through commercial cigarette production.

But then, all of the sudden, a number of years later, I had a few dreams in which tobacco was shown to me as a temporary means which would assist me to awaken into a level which I had not yet arrived at. I was admittedly a little uncertain as to the message of the dreams, and therefore did not partake of tobacco right away. However, soon after, and synchronistically enough, I was reading through a book of esoteric information, and the writer made the claim that for those people who have trouble connecting their lower self to their higher self, smoking some tobacco can be of assistance.

With that added bit of information, I plodded off to a nearby tobacco shop, purchased a small cigarillo, and later that evening inhaled a bit of the smoke into my awaiting lungs. Then I sat back and relaxed into myself.

I soon discovered that the tobacco had a relaxing effect and allowed me to sense a greater unity between myself and all things, the outcome of which was a very subtle, and yet profound, peace. This may sound like a bucket of errant hogwash to a world which has determined tobacco to be a carcinogenic calamity, which in fact it is when produced and used in the abusive way it has been by the modern world. However, there is good and bad in all things, and it is only for us to choose which side of the coin we include in our lives.

It is perhaps for the more positive aspect of the sacred plant that North American natives would ceremoniously smoke tobacco in a 'peace' pipe, thereby making it into an instrument for inner peace and for union with the all. -- excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Hass, LINK

Imagine a world where people feel intuitively interconnected with each other, almost as much as one might feel connected to one’s own feet and hands, family or close friends. Wouldn’t that likely be a world which embraces a cooperative philosophy, that treats the Earth in general with care, and all plants and animals as part of that interconnectedness? Wouldn’t that be a world with an political economic system which is inspired by who we really are, as human beings, and that apparent archons have convinced us to label as primitive. Isn’t it our treatment of each other and of our planet, that which is primitive? But of course, that would be a world inconsistent with the agenda of apparent predators of an archon imposed eugenic-capitalist system on Earth.

Was Jack Hass, in the following excerpt, referring to the archons documented by Dr. John Lash in


A few years after writing my last book I experienced a vibrational shift while meditating in Amsterdam. After that occurrence I underwent a great number of negative energy attacks from beings and forces which did not want my vibrational ascension to occur. Fortunately, after receiving much help from greater spirits, and learning to move my energy with force, I have succeeded in opening up my crown chakra completely, and it now functions as a strong whirling force opposed to the negative energies which failed to crush me. LINK

Early European colonizers had learned from aboriginal peoples in the U.S. and Canada about Tobacco as a medicine:


Tobacco was first brought to Europe by the Portuguese and Spanish conquistadors in the mid-16th century.

The first Finnish records referring to the import of tobacco and pipes date from 1637. Tobacco was initially perceived as a medicine and it was considered a suitable treatment for many complaints, such as ague, scurvy and chronic amnesia; some people were convinced that it prevented them for catching the plague. In Holland, tobacco had been used purely as a stimulant by the 1620s. A large entrance gate, a double panelled door, into a yard with board fence some 14 cubits long and six cubits high. The gate and fence are marbled with oil colours. LINK

Radiation appears to be among the list of toxins integrated into modern tobacco that serves to destroy its medicinal and spiritual applications:


Surprisingly, radiation seems to be the most dangerous and important factor behind tobacco lung damage.

It's a well established but little known fact that commercially grown tobacco is contaminated with radiation. The major source of this radiation is phosphate fertilizer. The big tobacco companies all use chemical phosphate fertilizer, which is high in radioactive metals, year after year on the same soil. These metals build up in the soil, attach themselves to the resinous tobacco leaf and ride tobacco trichomes in tobacco smoke, gathering in small "hot spots" in the small-air passageways of the lungs. Tobacco is especially effective at absorbing radioactive elements from phosphate fertilizers, and also from naturally occurring radiation in the soil, air, and water. editors then ask Iroquois Elder Ernie Benedict the following question:

Tobacco Plants

Tobacco Plants.

There is a belief held by some Native people that commercial tobacco and Traditional Tobacco can be used interchangeably. What do we say to people who believe this?

When Tobacco is used in a spiritual way, it serves a purpose to aspire to good things. However, when commercial tobacco is used for ceremonial purposes, it loses something. It loses the ideal of sacredness in the ceremony. Tobacco is meant to be used in a sacred manner and not to satisfy an addictive need built up within you. Ernie Benedict - Elder, Iroquois Nation LINK

Is it possible that the proper mass use of organic tobacco could help re-connect humanity with a vital spiritual interconnectedness, that archons allegedly seek to subvert though the “counterfeit spirituality” of organized religions and materialistic-inspired “secularism”?

What if the counter-culture movement and Anti-War Movement of the 1960’s had sought out wisdom from aboriginal elders associated with the sacred and medicinal uses of organic tobacco, instead of the hard narcotics pushed on them by the apparent “agents of deception“. Such narcotics were used to destroy the mental faculties of an awakened generation that sought to rebel against an alleged archon-inspired culture. In an international milieu that seems to be conditioned by elites who seek humanity to accept a context of an elite-contrived perpetuated war, aboriginal elders suggest that in fact, a mass use of organic tobacco could have a spiritually affirming context against efforts to exploit in an effort to alienate members of humanity from each other.

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